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outline/formulate/identify a strategy In order to expand your e-business operations, you need to formulate a clear strategy. work on/work out/come up with a strategy CEOs and top government officials should try to come up with a strategy for economic development that isn't' simply a series of short-term political payoffs.
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Strategy at the business unit level is concerned with competing successfully in individual markets, and it addresses the question, How" do we win in this market" However, this strategy needs to be linked to the objectives identified in the corporate level strategy.
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In military theory, strategy is the" utilization during both peace and war, of all of the nation's' forces, through large scale, long-range planning and development, to ensure security and victory" Random House Dictionary 5. The father of Western modern strategic study, Carl von Clausewitz, defined military strategy as the" employment of battles to gain the end of war" B.
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A 2011-06-25: two line strategy. Q 2011-06-25: Zweilinienstrategie dual strategy? A 2011-06-21: strategy cards / strategische Karten. A 2010-12-05: sales or marketing strategy. A 2010-12-05: distribution/marketing channel/str. A 2010-12-05: marketing strategy? A 2010-11-04: An approach / a practice / a proce.
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market coverage strategy. compensatory selection strategy. pull promotional strategy. Browse Dictionary by Letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. 2020 WebFinance Inc.
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